Three Ways to Boost Your Online Reputation.

Getting noticed online is pretty easy. All you have to do is call someone out  in an abusive fashion, complain loudly to anyone who will listen, and allow ego to dominate your common sense. Doing any one of these or a combination of the above will get your “brand” recognized in record fashion. The question is…will it serve you in the end?  Because building a business online means taking the long view and committing to a series of daily actions that may not seem like much taken a day at a time. You might be tempted to short cut the process, get your 15 minutes of instant fame and make it to the big time overnight.

To avoid that deadly scenario  here are three suggestions that can boost your online reputation rather than shooting yourself in the foot or worse crashing and burning in sight of everyone you hope to influence in a positive way.

1. Look Before You Leap

This is an old cliché but it’s wisdom is unquestioned. Before to take to the “air” to voice your opinions you need to stop and ask yourself:

Do I have my facts straight? Double check them?

Will this serve my team and myself in the long run, or is this just short-term gain?

Does this action fit with the ideal of myself I am trying to achieve?

Taking the time to look at these questions and answer them may save you from embarrassing mistakes. You don’t want to be like a recent online personality that made some public accusations that turned out to be totally unfounded. They  were then  forced to retract and apologize.

What does that do to your long-term credibility and viability?

2. Don’t Complain!

Nothing belittles you like complaints. Complaints are a way to try to make yourself right and others wrong, or in other words showing a total lack of responsibility for a given situation.

On Legacy Hour recently,the Legacy team disused complaints they received about the quality of the random sign-ups they where giving from upgraded members.  The complaints focused on the fact that these random referrals weren’t doing anything! Really! You got the name…isn’t it your job to get the referral into action?

This shows a remarkable lack of gratitude, lack of business acumen, and a lack of leadership.

I see people complaining about this that and the other thing in the online chat’s in TE’s all the time. Most of what I see is people expecting something for nothing. Another popular complaint is about something not working at a TE and then bad mouthing that TE…and they haven’t even taken enough responsibility to put in a support ticket!

Would you want to be on the team of a whiner and complainer?

But for the moment  they get attention. Their “brand” gets recognized. But over the long term…they get screen out.

3. Keep Your Ego Out of It

The practice of humility is definitely out of fashion. However a look at our current scene should soon convince you that perhaps it’s time for a change. Politics is a wonderful teaching ground for the damaging and destructive results of letting ego run wild.  Anthony Wiener ring a bell?

Online we work with people from all over the world with every type of personality trait, cultural viewpoint, and ability. You might not always like the way someone does something or behaves according to your own world view. Doesn’t make you right…doesn’t make you wrong.  We can’t let bruised egos flare up and rant or display our dislikes in ways that become offensive. We need to take a moment to understand the context, to allow for the 1 % possibility that we might have misinterpreted something.

You can’t help someone from ego, only from humility.

Learn to swallow your pride in order to be of service.

Doing these things quietly, daily, step by step, won’t get your “brand” immediately recognition, but in the long run, which is what is game is all about, you will stand out like a shinning star.

You might think no one is noticing and that can be a little busing to the ego.Yet everyday you follow these simple behaviors, your brand is growing and having an impact far beyond what you ever dreamed possible.


Nick Grimshawe







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