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Read the Experts

January 6th, 2011

To become proficient in any area of your life it is necessary to study the work of the experts. In my other life as a self growth coach, I spent a lot of time reading all the self-growth books I could get. I read the classics and I read the new and upcoming authors, and then I wrote about and talked to my subscribers about my experiences with the purpose of inspiring them to live life to the fullest.

None of that changes when we talk about Traffic Exchanges and List Building and Internet Marketing. Reading the experts, listening to them, and then attempting to duplicate what they are saying and suggesting so that you can repeat their success, and maybe even come up with some new ideas in the process.

Below are three links to three men I have gain a deep admiration and respect for. I am sure there are far more experts in the field of Traffic Exchanges, but these three gentlemen are current post often, and have very interesting things to say.

I include them here in no particular order but I do suggest that you subscribe to their newsletter/blog.

The first person is Jon Olson. Jon is also the owner of I Love Hits Here is the link to his newsletter/blog

Once you get to his  Newsletter their is a place for you to enter your email address and subscribe. Highly recommended.

The second person is Tim Linden from StartXchange, one of the highest ranked exchanges and I one I surf on an almost daily basis.

He has a lot to say about Traffic Exchanges that I think you will find informative and instructive.

Finally is John Bell the owner of Traffic Swirl. This is my favorite relatively new exchange and I love what John has done here.   I’m going to include the link here to his last article, which I think should be standard reading for anyone using a traffic exchange to promote their business.

Okay  folks that should keep you busy, entertained and informed.

Traffic Exchanges are a great tool to use to advertise your business.

If you have questions or need help please let me know.

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To Your Pot of Gold at Rainbow’s End,

Nick Grimshawe

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