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Personalize Your Banner Ads

April 10th, 2012

Sometimes we get so caught up in doing all the big things, like surfing to achieve our next level or next reward, or grab some bonus credits we forget the small stuff.

One good habit to get into is to periodically check through your traffic exchanges and safelist to make sure you are using every resource available to you including text ads, banner ads, and any unique features of the website that might be used to your advantage.

As an example, I’ve been surfing away at Surf Skeleton for quite awhile, collecting Bonz points for doing my ten daily views at Sweeva, but I hadn’t paid much attention to them until yesterday when I was going through the site and discovered I had collected over 1,000 bonz points and that I could redeem them for a really super deal on 1,000 credits. That’s just one example of what you can find by poking around in these sites.

Don’t forget the downline builders either.

I’m going to make it a scheduled habit of checking through my top 20 sites every two weeks.

Banner ads are another source of over looked possibilities. Are you using all those banner impressions you have been collecting? I know I haven’t. But banners aren’t very sexy for the most part being generic without any branding. But all that change with AdKreator and their templates for banner ads. These are super simple to put together you can get your photo and name on them and really dial up your branding.

I created my first one today for Click Track Profit. Not only am I advertising in another spot on the TE’s but I’m doing even more to brand myself which is always good. The more people see my name, the more they will know, like and trust me.  It works the same for you. So guess what I’m going to be doing over the next few days?

What To Do With Those Banners Once You Create Them

If you are a member of TE TOOLBOX there is a great resource there to create an amazing Banner Rotator, that rotates through all your banners at any site you where you install them. There are lots of reasons to do this and I want to offer a couple to your here.

1. For every banner you install on a site you need to assign banner impressions to it. That means if you have 4 banners on the site you need to have [a] enough banner impressions to fun each banner and [b] you have a lot of impression assigned that aren’t really doing anything for you, as they slowly get used up. With a rotator you can put all your impression in one link and advertise a large number of banners.

2. With this banner rotator at TE TOOLBOX you can easily add a banner to the rotater without having to visit every site to install a new banner separately. That is a huge saving in time.

The big bonus is…everything is tracked so you can see how each banner is doing and adjust, modify or delete based on the story the stats are telling you!

I’ve just started to use this tool. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to load it up with all my advertising sites I use and promote.  If you get the upgrade you get unlimited banners, and unlimited url tracking!

Justin Ledvina (the owner of  TE TOOLBOX)  has just release an awesomely helpful video to show you how to use the banner rotator. CLICK HERE









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