Do the Offer Refusal Lines at TE’s Make Your Blood Boil?

Nick Grimshawe

I’m a pretty easy going guy with a long fuse. I don’t get angry often. I rarely go on rants about anything but I thought today would be a good day for a controlled rant.

As an internet marketer who uses traffic exchanges to promote my opportunities, I spend a fair amount of coin on buying credits, upgrades and what have you to keep my sites in front of the those most likely to buy from me, other surfers and marketers. I do the same at safelist, and mailers.

I really appreciate some of the great offers that TE owners and others offer up to me on occasion. Some times these deals are irresistible such as one time lifetime offers. There is no better offer than a lifetime membership. (REMEMBER THAT.) So when one  pops up I buy if I can.

The if-I -can is based on my preset monthly budget….and if you don’t have one, you need to set one right now other wise the temptation to over spend is great. Some times when these offers come up I have spent my budget for the month. That’s when I carefully weigh the opportunity against the return.

Sometimes…well in fact …much of the time I have to refuse offers made by the Safelist and TE Exchange owners, especially login offers that I see every day. I am never happy passing but a good deal…however…here is my beef.

When I do pass up an offer I have to click a line that says something like this:

No thanks (site name) I’m too stupid to see what a good deal you’re offering me and will dumbly pass it up.

Well they don’t exactly say that but they might as well have.  Here are some actual lines I am forced to click on!!!

“No thanks Legacy Team, I don’t like great value.” That’s the exact line from a log-in offer.

Surf Skeleton has this real zinger; “No thank you I don’t want my pages to grab attention in traffic exchanges”. That’s for a program where I am all ready a member! Hey it’s not my fault I have purchased all ready!

You would think the Tim Tech guys would be more sensitive to surfers at their exchanges but no…their sites are also littered with these forced negatives; “No thanks I prefer to pay full price.”  (Stupid is the implication.) Here is another; “No thanks I don’t like to save money.”  Here’s another: ” No thanks I’m not into saving money.”

I have to compliment Randy Ritter   of Top Flight…for his much kinder…”No thanks Randy I appreciate this offer but take me to the members area.”  See the difference.

Why are these lines so standard in TE’s? Don’t the owners realize how belittling they are…how negative they are…how maddening they are?

Now perhaps they serve a marketing strategy. I am willing to accept that…but at the price of annoying a regular buyer? Surely that isn’t good business?

We can have some fun with this…although  I have one rule…keep it clean and come up with your own refuse the offer line. Put it in the comment box below and I have  5 CTP tokens for the best one.

Here’s one to prime the pump.

No thank you. I prefer to show my stupidity and make an idiot out of myself so I’m  paying  full price.

I also challenge TE owners to explain why they use such negative programing at their sites.

If we really want to change the business here is one way to make a change.


Until we meet again

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Nick Grimshawe

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