Treasure Your Connections: Learn with Nick Spreecast # 2

Below is a recording of a Learn With Nick Spreecast about connections especially relating to referrals you have in your down-lines in various programs and traffic exchanges. I do the Learn with Nick Spreecast  once a week at 12 noon. You can find them by going to Spreecast and clicking on ‘ live and upcoming‘ and then clicking on my photo. Once you are in their if you click on my image and click follow, you will automatically get notification of the Spreecast.

Here is the broadcast, I hope you enjoy it…and please feel free to ask questions by posting them here. Below the video I have summarized my points.


 Take Aways from the Broadcast

  • Persistence is the key to getting that treasured connection with a referral
  • Develop a routine of contacting your referrals either set aside a day or do it by Group like all TimTech sites one day, all legacy the next.
  • Don’t use any automatic systems offer to you by TE’s and other programs for connecting with new referrals do it manually.
  • Send welcome letters and incentives the day a  referral joins. Don’t put this off to another day.
  • Reward active referrals
  • Use Skype  to make a connection…invaluable to be face to face. Plaster your Skype ID everywhere.
  • Always be on the look out for new ways to make a connection.
  • Be Persistent.

Until we meet again: Be Inspired


Nick Grimshawe


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