Easy Doesn’t Get You to Great.

Easy Doesn't

New E-Book Launches! Join this brand new Traffic Exchange. You gotta have this brand new Viral Mailer. Don’t be left behind join my social network. Make a Million dollars…we do all the work.

Does your inbox look like that?

It does for most of us.

And if you’re new…broadsided by a bus…it feels like.

I’ve been doing this   for a while now…and I am still fighting off the join the newest, latest, best right now syndrome.

I know it’s irrational but I fear getting left behind.

It’s triple hard to stick to your plan and not waver when you see people you know like and trust…chasing the very latest thing. “Oh my god…I bet they’re getting sign-ups and I’m not!” That’s what I think. I want to rush over to AdKreator…dash out a new splash…maybe a new video splash and chase  sign ups just like everyone else .

Seriously I fight that impulse almost everyday.

Sometimes I win…and sometimes I lose.

Three problems arise from chasing everything that comes down the pike.

1. You get overwhelmed and lose focus on just what to promote. (The panic of not being enough, not doing enough, is like a physical pull to indulge and splurge and gorge on the mana.)

2. You dilute your brand. (I believe this slows your progress in the end…as people who see you promote everything in sight, begin to wonder what you stand for.)

3. Sometimes a real gem gets lost in the rush to new, latest, fastest, better, biggest and so on.

I still have three  e-books I paid for and downloaded that I haven’t yet figured out the logical place to insert them in my marketing funnel.

I believe # 2 is the most dangerous problem: the watering down of your brand.

You need to be the front man for your business…not someone else’s products. And the more people see you standing for someone else’s brand…the more they will be confused about what your brand is…and thus less willing to trust you with their buck.

You need to get clear on what you stand for in your business online.

You need to brand yourself first, second and third by promoting your list.

Once people are on your list you can allow the system to promote those wonderful programs you see everyone else madly promoting.

Don’t do it.

Stick to your plan.

Don’t have a plan?

Get with some one who can help you form one and then crazy glue yourself to it.

That’s what my program “Learn with Nick” is all about.

Am I tempted to go an a promoting binge so that I can get in the “game” with everyone else.

You bet.

But mostly I ignore the urge to be up front with the latest product…and put those hard earn credits to promoting me, not the latest product from Tim Tech or the Legacy Guys, as wonderful as they are…they aren’t my brand…they don’t represent me…and don’t get me wrong you will need their programs…but in a logical ordered pattern that builds you…your brand…your business…your profitability down the line.

It might be easier to have Marcus Wahl promote a site for you because his better looking, younger and smoother on cam than you…but easy doesn’t get you to great.

Do the hard thing: Aim for Great.

Until we meet again,

Be Inspired.

Nick Grimshawe
Skype Id nicknick90 connect with me please.