How Do We Short Circuit the Walk in the Desert?

Warning! This is a long video. In an industry that runs on attention spans of 2 or 3 seconds, I know that getting you to watch this 12 minute video will be a challenge. But I really do want to create a dialogue about my topic with you and get some feedback from you personally. If the failure rate in this online industry is really 97% I don’t see a whole lot of concern about that in the field, rather the statistic is used to promote someone’s solution which many times is just another grab bag of sites, and advertising that continues to miss the mark.

Here is the video, and I look forward to hearing your comments.


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2 Responses to “How Do We Short Circuit the Walk in the Desert?”

  1. Hi Nick.
    You bring up some very valid points in your video and there is so much to talk about.
    There is a risk of information overload in this industry and I think as marketers we should try to break information up in bits and indeed explain it’s position in the scope of things.
    I think your members will much more appriate it if you inform them and engage them instead of continously pitch them. It’s something we learn from TE Live too.
    I’ve had the same experience that you talked about with something brought as “free information” while in fact it was just a sales pitch with scare tactics. I unsubscribe from these lists immediately. Certainly not the kind of marketing I want to practise.
    I’ve decided to stay away from promoting launches even if I miss out a place of the leaderboard or good prizes. If a program is good enough it will be there later too and maybe I can integrate it into my funnel.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Walter, thank you for your response. I agree that there is a big risk of information overload…especially at first for a new person just getting started and picking things up at random. I also stay away from promoting new programs for the same reason as you mention. I think we need more awareness out there to help new people get going in a good direction…I avoided the use of the word right….so that they can slowly assume more and more as they begin to understand the business. We need to moved away from the short term view of immediate signups to the longer view of a sustained business model of educated members able to think beyond the next new thing.

      Thanks again,


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