How to Set Your Business Budget for April

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A long time ago in a universe far far away I just spent on everything that moved and sometimes things that didn’t more in an effort to gain some traction , get a program to stick and earn income. So willy nilly I spent money on upgrades, credits, solo ad, Pay Per Click, even Adwords.  I also ran 3 auto responders, paid for hosting, internet and phone.

Every once in a while I would check my cc statements and my bank balance and squirm a little then go back to spending again.

Some programs paid, some didn’t, some advertising worked, other advertising was a great big waste of time but I had no clue which.

Then along came Jon Olson with The Pizza Plan a simple e-book that explained the concept of budgeting. You can download it by clicking the link above.

That got me to thinking about a budget. I quickly developed a model that worked for me. I put all my fixed monthly expenses in one column of a spread sheet. The idea on the spread sheet includes all monthly subscriptions I have e.g Traffic Exchange Memberships, hosting account, auto-responder, audio hosting, and more. That total for me is just over $150 dollars…yours doesn’t have to be so high. I have some specialize accounts for things I do at my other site: Beautiful Summer Morning .

Now on top of my fixed expense I add in a budget of $100 dollars discretionary spending which I use to buy special credit and advertising offers. Once I’ve spent that money…that is it for the month…no more spending until the new month rolls around. I track all my discretionary spending on the other part of the spread sheet just to make sure I am keeping track and staying honest. Some of those end of the month offers are so tempting…but don’t bite…stick to the budget.

Obviously budgets are personal and your budget will be different from mine for a lot of reasons…but you do need to have a budget. That’s why The Pizza Plan  is such an good read and an excellent getting started plan.

Then finally you need to have Click Track Profit (seriously) to learn how to build your business and most importantly track the results of your advertising. With tracking you quickly learn where to put your advertising dollars and where not to.

I hope this information helps. If you have questions post a comment below and I will answer it for you. Of fill out the sign up box to your right at get regular updates.

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