One Common Mistake Online Business Builders Make

As an online business owner and affiliate marketer you’ve encountered this mistake often and even been a little annoy by it. You’ve just shared your information with someone and they immediately come back with their offer. I see this often at EasyHits4U because they have this program where you “connect” with someone by pushing the “connect” button. Now you are connected…right?

Making a connections involves  more that the simple exchange of contact information.

Personally, I work hard to get a response from someone before I ever think about moving forward with establishing a relationship.  This is hard slugging at times and I can understand why people would rather shortcut the process.

As an example this morning I spent my whole morning working on creating a connection with my active downline in Click Track Profit.

Now you might ask if they are active what’s the problem. It’s simple…I have never had an exchange with them either in the form of a question or just a simple hello. Oh sure, I’ve sent out a welcome email, asked them to be friends, and left a brief message on their profile. But that isn’t a connection.  That’s just information, I hope they use, to their advantage but I’m not on speaking terms with them.

So once a week I scan through my downline searching for people who have at least logged in recently or are active. I take a look at their profile to see what they’ve been doing, then write an email specifically addressing what I see. For example they are doing a lot of surfing but haven’t watched a training video in quite a while. So I reintroduce myself, congratulate them on what they have done and encourage them in an area they seem to have over looked. I make sure they know how to reach me and that I am serious about helping.

My goal is to get them to respond to me in some way. Until they do…no matter how well they are doing…I don’t have a connection and I really can’t  move forward with them.

I want them to reach out and connect with me.

As an interesting point, only those downline members that I have created a connection with have gone on to   reach their certified status. To me it’s vital for my business to get that connection at all costs. But it’s hard work. I sent out maybe twenty to twenty-five personally written messages this morning seeking that connection.

Once I have that connection and we’ve actually built a relationship…that’s where Skype is so effective…then I can begin to gently  move forward with them.

Here’s a quote from  John C Maxwell : The Maxwell Daily Reader: 365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader Within You and Influence Those Around You which I think talks to the point very well.

“If you want to influence others, and you desire to get them moving in the right direction, you must connect with them before you try to take them anywhere.”


Making that connections is the first step to building a viable relationship that will serve you both very well in the future. Don’t try to shortcut the process.

Nick Grimshawe


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  1. John Brewer says:

    I like your post very much. Making real connections with people is something that I need to work harder at. Most of the time people don’t reply, but to try is important.

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