Do You Have the Time to Become a Leader?

I had a huge epiphany today as I worked in Sweeva leaving comments about people ads. This is an old habit I use to have and dropped along the way. I used to earn thousands of Sweeva experience point every day because you earn an additional ten Sweeva points everyday you consistently surf ten pages. Once you miss you have to start all over again at ten.

I did the ten pages a day to comment on other people’s ads. However at some point I stopped doing it because I lost my perspective in doing it. When a daily habit….and I teach you to inculcate daily habits, becomes just a chore that has no meaning beyond just getting it done and moving the task to the done column, the habit is no longer constructive but actually destructive to you.

How is it destructive? Because you are doing a chore…a task without passion or reason or logic…just to actually say you did it  which means you are operating from a “having to” respective,  rather than a “want to” perspective…which means you are working against what you believe is the best in you. In other words you can’t deliver your best when you no longer have the inclination to put your best into it…then you become disappointed in yourself…and all roads lead down from there.


It’s really important to evaluate your daily actions to ensure they work toward   purpose driven goals that fulfill an intention to help or improve yourself or others. (If a daily routine fails to do that…you need to find another solution, or outsource the task to some one else.

Back to my story: About nine days ago I decided that I should take up the task again and make a better effort. To be perfectly honest…I started out for selfish reasons…to help my personal branding and to rack up those experience points again. I didn’t honestly see the exercise as a way to inspire others.

Over the next few days…I began to look at the ads and began to feel frustrated by what I was seeing but I didn’t have the proper intention behind my comments  and I found myself beginning to  revert to …let us just get this done.

Forgive me for jumping around a bit.  One of the most joyful parts of my day is that hour or so in the morning where I focus on my own personal growth, reading, pondering, writing in my journal. I’ve been talking about this in recent posts. You don’t always get an immediate growth spurt …sometimes you can go for quite a while before something suddenly clicks in…and you will never be able to say what thing actually lead to an epiphany…you just have to give thanks for having it.

Back to the story.

Today as I worked on commenting on the ads, I found something inside of me had change. I found myself really thinking about the ads…there intentions and the intentions of the people who posted the ad… and what  I could say about the ads. Instead of rushing to get my thoughts down and commenting on the obvious…I stopped to really understand what the ad was asking of me.  I remember looking down to see how many pages I’d commented on….remember….get the task in the done column as quickly as possible…to see I’d only commented on two pages so far. I continued on…for awhile and that’s when the light went on.

I was taking my time to give the best of what I had to the person behind the ad. I had elevated a habit to a different level where time didn’t enter the equation so much as giving my honest opinion in as positive frame of reference as I could manage.

That’s when it dawned on me…the really important message here, that it takes time to be a leader. If you want to show leadership…inspire others…and really help others you need to commit to the time it will take…and it will take time.

You can’t rush it…you can’t barrel through a task and expect that just doing it shows leadership.

Leadership not about being a “boss” or an “in charge” kind of thing. It is a huge commitment to give the best of yourself  for yourself and for others that must come with a willingness to commit to the time it takes to do that…and to realize there is no short cut.

When I realized today that it didn’t matter how much time it took to do my ten Sweeva comments, but that I did my best within the realm of my experience…then the process itself is transformed.

I learned one other thing as well that really goes hand it hand (I will talk more about this in my next post) that in order to give your best you must open yourself up to being vulnerable. People aren’t necessarily going to like what you say regardless of the tone or perspective you use. You can’t do honest work  and be a leader without that as well.

Nick Grimshawe.




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