Will You Read the Words?

Two things conspired to create this blog post this morning.

1. Part of my usual morning routine is to sit for a while to read, contemplate and mull words. I find this an enriching and rewarding time, very much part of my work day. This morning I read from The Maxwell Daily Reader: 365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader Within You and Influence Those Around You by John C Maxwell. Since I’ve been on holidays I’m in catch-up mode.  The August 3 article “Focus on the Present” got my thinking about practices…and what we do to prepare ourselves for the daily rigors of business, the ups and downs, the disappointments and the victories. The part that really grabbed me I will quote directly from John Maxwell:

“I read daily to grow in my personal life. I listen to others daily to broaden my perspective. I spend time thinking daily to apply what I am learning. And I try to write daily so that I can remember what I’ve learned.”

2. By some amazing coincidence (a coincidence is a gift from the universe to pay you back for paying attention) I read Seth Godin’s blog post: An End Of Books 

Again I will quote Seth this time:

I’m writing this on a train filled with educated, upper income suburban commuters of all genders and ethnicities (book buyers, until recently). I can see 40 people at a glance, and 34 are using electronic devices, two are asleep and exactly one person is reading a traditional book.

Seth is basically talking about the demise of an industry: the bound book industry as we morph into our new electronic age where so much is available with a touch on an electronic pad. For some one like me on the other side of the generational divide not born with a cell phone in their hands…his poignant words bring on an ache of sadness. Yet before us lies a sparkling world of overwhelming access.

My question is…and my concern: Will we partake of this new wealth of access, or become so caught up in the incessant, chime of arriving text messages, emails, and other distractions that we forget to take a moment to absorb, think about, ponder and contemplate words that grow us, help us to a greater vision of ourselves and our communities, and lead us to a deeper personal, spiritual connection with ourselves and with others?

Can we as online entrepreneurs hold off the demands of the day, long enough to have that quiet time with the words of people like John C Maxwell and Seth Goden and all the other thinkers of our time, and back through the long lineage of men and women who have graced humanity with their brilliance, their vigor, their wisdom, their love through their words and their art?

We ought to make that space for them to bring them daily into our lives. If we are to become more successful entrepreneurs and leaders we need to find that time somehow to partake of the riches of their words.

It’s your choice.

The riches are there.

You only have to choose to read the words.


Nick Grimshawe




2 Responses to “Will You Read the Words?”

  1. Andrew Stark says:

    Hi Nick,

    People are too busy juggling 100 things to actually do 1 thing properly.

    I think that the digital age will make authors richer, but readers poorer. People will buy more books but they will remain unread in cyberspace.

    Andrew Stark recently posted..A Marketing Lesson From A Kid’s Video Game

    • Hi Andrew, I guess I’m looking for the people who are willing to do the 1 thing properly. I’m a strong believer in personal growth, that it’s a requirement of success…but to grow requires introspection…which you simply cannot do on the fly. Here’s to the people who aren’t afraid to spend a few moments, alone with themselves and their thoughts without the cell phone attachment.


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