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Are You Doing the Rounds?

April 26th, 2012

Keeping up with all the things you need to do to keep your online business buzzing along can be very time consuming and quite often, if you are like me juggling a job, and working online towards a dream, then you run our of time before all those tasks are done.

My suggestion is to make a list of those tasks you need to do. A spreadsheet would work well for this or just a simple check list and then cross them off as they get done. You might break the list into daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly task. You could set up an Outlook Calendar to do this.

The reason I suggest this is to make sure you don’t overlook one very important task that during the rush of the day may get push aside. I call it “doing the rounds” much like a politician out an about meeting their constituents. In this case your constituents are your downline in all the programs you promote and manage.

I do this every two weeks or so. It can take a bit of time but the rewards from doing this are tremendous. I contact all my referrals that have shown any activity for the last month. Most sites will give you an idea of the activity level of your referral. My email is very simple, I say hi, and ask them if I can be of service in any way for them. I offer my Skype number or let them know I check my emails regularly. If they are doing well I let them know, if I can offer a suggestion I do, and if the site allows you, send them a reward, like some extra credits to advertise with. I know I never seem to have enough credits so when some one gifts me with a few I take notice.

As you do this you develop opportunities to create relationships increasing the extent that the referral gets to know, like and trust you. You also build your brand develop word of mouth marketing and good will, all of which, may not pay the bills today, but will more than likely start taking care of the bills in the future.

So make like a doctor, do the rounds, say hi, wave the flag, and be available.

Taking the time to do this one of your most important tasks, not let it get lost in your busy day to day.


Until we meet again,











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