Have You Seen Darren Olander’s Spectacular Six Pack?


Finding good, reliable, advertising resources ranks as one of the biggest challenges for online marketers. So when you find someone who does it right, repeatedly and on top of that makes those resources easy to use ,  you have a winner(s).

I’m talking about Darren Olander’s spectacular six-pack! These are high quality traffic sources that you can use to drive traffic to your sites with excellent results.

You are probably familiar with this one:

Profitable Email Marketing

Adchiever consistently ranks in the top ten of  Jerry Iannucci’s monthly rankings as well as ListHoopla and other ranking sites.

For folks who are part of the Click Track Profit Family, you are probably familiar with this Orlander site.


List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

List Surfing is part TE part Mailer. The top feature is only having to surf 50 sites to keep you own sites in rotation for one month. As long as you keep your active status you get your site in rotation. Beat that anywhere.

Now these might not be as familiar but each has a unique twist to how it works.

First is Build My Downlines.

Build My Downline while it includes a mailer is also a Referral Exchange Program  where you can post offers to attract new Referrals.

Get Paid To Join Websites

Second: ListJumper


Explode My List!

This site lets jump ahead in the downline depending on how many credits you spend to do this which means you can reach more potential customers. Also there is a consecutive loyalty bonus which increases your rewards for reading just one email a day.

Third is Viral Nugget


Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!


Again you have the mail, but with every click you are earning text and banner ad credits as well.


I will tell you about the final six-pack member in a minute.  I need to explain a couple of added advantages of signing up and using these sites.

1.Each month Darrel sends out a rewards code you can use at all 5 sites which is usually 500 mailing credits for reading 25 emails. Plus if you are paying attention, and that’s a good thing to do with Darren, he frequently adds reward codes for the various sites. These are nice juicy easy to qualify for rewards.

2. You have a couple of ways to read your emails. See video below.

The last item in the six-pack is:


Viral Traffic Coop

Viral Traffic Coop is one of those invaluable tools to help you drive more traffic to your site. A campaign cost $25 which allows you to buy into the traffic that Darren’s wide reach gives you. Each campaign will give you between 4 and 5000 visits to your site, but there aren’t any guarantees because there are so many variables, but you do have the reputation of Darren standing behind. So go in and invest in  a campaign and of course trck.me your results.


That’s it. Get signed up if you aren’t using these top mailers to drive more quality traffic to your site.

Of course with everything I mention, you get me as a super free bonus. I’m here to help. If you have trouble with set up or have questions you can reach me at Skype: nicknick90 is my id.